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Phil Nordella And Taylor Williams-Moniz Discuss End Of Eviction Protection

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Phillip Nordella Radio Show

Phil Nordella, local real estate expert and host of the weekly KHTS radio show ‘Real Estate: It’s That Simple’, discussed local and national updates on real estate with co-host Taylor Williams-Moniz.

As many Californians are aware, in September 2020, the Tenant Relief Act of 2020 was created by the California government to provide aid for tenants in rental housing situations. Continue reading…

Why Are People Moving To Arizona From California

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Realtor extraordinaire Phil Nordella has helped family after family in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 28 years and even helped the Re/Ex Valencia office he co-owned be #1 in California 25 years in a row.

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Real Estate Agent Of Santa Clarita Phil Nordella Discusses Recent Real Estate Developments

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Phil Nordella Santa Clarita Realtor

Phil Nordella, local Santa Clarita real estate agent and market experts and Taylor Williams-Moniz of Donahoe Young & Williams LLP discussed developments in upcoming opportunities for homeowners, buyers, and recent news in the market.

On his weekly radio show “Real Estate: It’s That Simple”, Nordella and Williams were joined by Marla Ferris of Augusta Financial Inc over the phone, Phil’s colleague and friend who works in the mortgage brokerage business. Continue reading…

In Spite Of The Coronavirus Pandemic, The Real Estate Business Has Been Flourishing

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At Phil Nordella and Associates in the Santa Clarita Valley, we strive to give our sellers the best possible price for their homes and assist buyers in finding their perfect home.

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the Real Estate business has been flourishing. Many of our sellers are receiving $150,000 over the asking price because interest rates are extremely low. Our sellers are also receiving 20 to 30 offers on their property. This is fantastic for our sellers because they are making more and more money. Continue reading…

Striving To Give Guidance To Buyers And Sellers Looking For An Exceptional Real Estate Experience

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Phil Nordella - Real Estate Agent

At Phil Nordella and Associates, we strive to give guidance to buyers and sellers looking for an exceptional real estate experience in the Santa Clarita Valley.

These are key points that all buyers and sellers should be looking for when researching an agent: Continue reading…