Get A Better Understanding Of All The Ingredients Needed For Buying Or Selling Houses

Phil Nordella - Real Estate Agent

Realtor extraordinaire Phil Nordella has helped family after family in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 28 years and even helped the Re/Ex Valencia office he co-owned be #1 in California 25 years in a row. Phil has experience in short sales, foreclosures, and standard sales of various properties.

Phil hosts a radio show on KHTS radio called “Real Estate: It’s That Simple” where he breaks down realty talk and simplifies various topics to all of his listeners so they can better understand all the ingredients needed for buying or selling houses and what’s happening in the world of real estate. In the latest installment, Phil and co-host Taylor Williams-Moniz briefly discuss the rise in houses on the market currently before having guest Robert Marshall phone into the studio.

Robert Marshall owns a very successful company in Santa Clarita, SCV Audio Visual. SCV Audio Visual focuses on the installation of amenities such as surround sound, speakers, TV installations, all of the fun amenities every household should have. So, if I want crazy surround sound and an 85-inch TV, I’m calling SCV Audio Visual. Robert even told Phil and Taylor about crazy, new technology customers have installed into their homes, including his own home which is a system that looks like an iPad but it controls the entire house with a touch of the button.

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It can turn the lights off and on, lock the doors, shut the TV or other appliances off at a certain time, which is super high-tech! It’s basically a smart house and I am here for it. Robert goes into further detail, saying his team focuses mostly on surround sound, as that is what most people contact SCV Audio Visual nowadays.

In the show Robert also stresses to Phil and Taylor how important having a strong Wi-Fi connection is in the home, especially right now with the pandemic as many people have been working from home and need a strong connection to get work done. Phil and Taylor conclude the show discussing some scary situations that have happened between firms with disgruntled employees which have ended terribly, but acknowledge the realities of it.

To close out the show on a lighter note, the best beach house locations were listed, and all were from the east coast from Phil’s list! For more information and questions for Phil Nordella, catch him on KHTS Fridays at 10am or get in touch with him through his website.