How To Showcase A Home For Selling This Springtime

Phil Nordella Santa Clarita Realtor

Realtor extraordinaire Phil Nordella has helped family after family in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 28 years and even helped the Re/Ex Valencia office he co-owned be #1 in California 25 years in a row.

Phil has experience in short sales, foreclosures, and standard sales of various properties. Phil hosts a radio show on KHTS radio called “Real Estate: It’s That Simple” where he breaks down realty talk and simplifies topics to all of his listeners so we can better understand all the ingredients needed for buying or selling houses.

In the latest episode of the show, Phil and co-host Taylor Williams go over various happenings going on in the world of real estate, such as what to do when an agent drops the ball on their clients, and how to showcase a home for selling this springtime! If we are the clients that have signed with a realtor and was promised certain things, such as professional pictures of our home and the agent did not follow through with that, what happens next? Well, Phil admits that a lot of agents over promise to their clients and don’t follow through which is an ongoing problem.

He suggests that clients in this scenario talk directly to their realtor and express how we were promised professional pictures taken of our house and instead got pictures from an iPhone and tell the realtor how it made you feel. If that doesn’t help the situation, Phil then suggests the client go to the broker and try to get out of the contract with the realtor if communicating doesn’t help the situation any more. If a realtor promises something in the contract that doesn’t follow through, that is a breach of the contract therefore the client should get out of it.

Now, when it comes to selling houses in the springtime, Phil has offered tips to get properties looking fresh and ready to be seen. He first suggests sellers open up those windows to get in some natural light from the sun wherever it’s sitting for the showing. Nothing beats the sunshine coming through to help spruce up the space. The next tip is to add a fresh coat of paint beforehand.

It may be a better selling point to paint over any walls that are dark colored to a more natural color. Dark colored rooms can actually make a room feel smaller and more closed off as opposed to open and spacious. Painting also comes with proper cleaning, obviously. A clean room is a happy room! The last tip to ensure a place is ready to be seen in bringing in scents appropriate to the time of year.

Since it’s spring, adding subtle, floral scents can help elevate that good feeling a clean, fresh room with lots of sunshine has. These little adjustments can make a lasting impression on the home and sell it quickly. For more information and questions for Phil Nordella, catch him on KHTS Fridays at 10am or get in touch with him through his website.