Phil Nordella And Taylor Williams-Moniz Discuss End Of Eviction Protection

Phillip Nordella Radio Show

Phil Nordella, local real estate expert and host of the weekly KHTS radio show ‘Real Estate: It’s That Simple’, discussed local and national updates on real estate with co-host Taylor Williams-Moniz.

As many Californians are aware, in September 2020, the Tenant Relief Act of 2020 was created by the California government to provide aid for tenants in rental housing situations.

This act prohibited landlords from evicting tenants for nonpayment of any money between March 2020 and June 2021, but now this grace period is coming to an end.

Taylor Williams-Moniz, partner and attorney at Donahoe, Young & Williams LLP, discussed with Nordella what this could mean for renters in the Santa Clarita area and beyond.

According to Williams, 9.4 million households in the U.S. currently owe an average of $5,586 in back rent, fees, and utilities, adding to over $53 billion nationally. This is a staggering number according to Nordella and Williams, and they predict the nation will be seeing a rise in landlord-tenant disputes in the coming months.

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Starting July 1, 2021 tenants must begin paying rent again to their landlords, the protection against eviction expiring at the end of June according to Williams. If a tenant filed a financial impact declaration for each month and continued to pay 25 percent of their due rent from September 2020 until now, they will have further protections than if they forwent paying any rent.

Landlords cannot evict tenants due to back rent, says Williams, but they can bring their tenants to small claims court. To protect yourself, have initiative and start a conversation with your landlord and work out a payment plan rather than get pulled into court, advised Williams.

While individuals cannot be represented by an attorney in small claims court, Williams suggests still meeting with an attorney to gain advice, coaching, and so you can brainstorm together a solution.

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