Real Estate Agent Of Santa Clarita Phil Nordella Discusses Recent Real Estate Developments

Phil Nordella Santa Clarita Realtor

Phil Nordella, local Santa Clarita real estate agent and market experts and Taylor Williams-Moniz of Donahoe Young & Williams LLP discussed developments in upcoming opportunities for homeowners, buyers, and recent news in the market.

On his weekly radio show “Real Estate: It’s That Simple”, Nordella and Williams were joined by Marla Ferris of Augusta Financial Inc over the phone, Phil’s colleague and friend who works in the mortgage brokerage business.

Nordella, Ferris, and Williams discussed the upcoming opportunities for homeowners that qualify for affordable housing as well as refinancing options and advice for those in the market for a home. With the gap between supply and demand only continuing to grow, it is becoming more and more difficult for buyers to stay in the market according to Ferris.

You can reach Marla Ferris and Augusta Financial LLC at (661)510-7989 for more advice and options about loans and lending.

In other real estate news as of the end of May 2021 there were approximately 200 active listings on the market in Santa Clarita, raising 40-50 from the end of April, according to Nordella, realizing his prediction four weeks ago. In comparison with the average from 18 months ago, 600 plus homes on the market in Santa Clarita, the community is slowly starting to get back to a healthy market post-COVID.

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Some other experts in the field of real estate predict that next on the docket for Santa Clarita is a batch of homes going into foreclosure, said Nordella, though he stated that his own prediction is not quite as ample as other officials expect.

Another topic Nordella and Williams visited was regarding the rise in usage of apps and services such as Zillow, Redfin, and other similar websites. One recent poll found that 83 percent of viewers on Zillow are not actively looking for a home, some viewing Zillow up to 2 hours a day.

Another common yet unfortunate use of Zillow and such services are criminals- burglars. Nordella advises homeowners to put away valuables and take extra precautions for safety when their home is on the market and in the showing/open house stage.

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