Why Are People Moving To Arizona From California

Realtor extraordinaire Phil Nordella has helped family after family in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 28 years and even helped the Re/Ex Valencia office he co-owned be #1 in California 25 years in a row.

Phil has experience in short sales, foreclosures, and standard sales of various properties. Phil hosts a radio show on KHTS radio called “It’s That Simple” where he breaks down the exciting world of real estate and the happenings around the valley and simplifies topics to all of his listeners so they can better understand all the ingredients needed for buying or selling houses.

In last week’s episode, Phil and co-host extraordinaire Taylor Williams-Moniz discussed how much buyers can get with $625,000 in California, which isn’t much versus places in Arizona, which is quite a lot. It’s comparing condos to spacious houses.

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If you are looking to buy or are looking to move out of California, Arizona just might be the place!

If you are a tenant renting a room right now, you also have to start paying rent again come July, but communicating with your landlord about payment options and where to pick back up post-pandemic is the best approach. Phil and Taylor also talked about how messy situations can get between landlords and owners, and tenants as well.

The best way to go is figuring out a financial plan while keeping the lines of communication open. Keep everyone on the same page! For all legal questions and issues, contact Taylor Williams-Moniz and the amazing team through Donahue Young & Williams, LLP and contact Phil Nordella at his website or his office phone number for all things real estate. It really is that simple!

To reach Phil Nordella call (661)312-3561 or visit philnordella.com

To reach Taylor F Williams-Moniz call (661)259-9000 or visit dywlaw.com